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Food Reviews

Leos (Barlow Moor Road)

First review of one of the new restaurants in the up-and-coming parade (shall we call it Ken Foster's parade? it's a door or three down from the bike shop) that also includes the asian fusion bonto-box restaurant whose name is definitely downstairs on the menu I can't find.

Anyway, it's opposit Azad Manzil, Asian Fusion and the New Mai Wah and very nice it is too.

I had the ultimate 70s nosh, spag bol and it was great. f had a pizza (capresi); verdict: ok; jake's margherita was good (lovely base).

full by 9 as well. can't be bad.

out of ten: 8

Lead Station (Beech Road)

Sporadically changing menu but with some very tasty dishes. The service is hit and miss, and usually more on the miss side, but the food is good so it can be worth it. Good place for parents and kids. Medium to high price.

The New Mai Wah (Barlow Moor Road)

For Chinatown prices in an out-of-town restaurant, you might arguably demand something more for your quids than the convenience of a walkable sit-down Chinese in Chorlton, but the Mai Wah does deliver with service that's genuinely courteous, rapid without leaving you feeling rushed, a healthy choice of wine, and a fairly comprehensive choice of standard Chinese grub, with some interesting chef's specials for good measure.

After rich, salty skewered prawn satay to start, a main course of sliced duck in orange sauce was a refreshingly tangy and sweet contrast, like crackling pieces in marmalade. Yum.

My friend had a small-ish portion of prawn dim sum followed by a tasty and more generous portion of vermicelli, Singapore-style.

The atmosphere could maybe do with some fine tuning, even just dimming the lights a bit might help detract from the chintz of the show-home decor. The music was just the right volume that you could have a libellous conversation with impunity, but the playlist (from pop to pap) could have you choking on your king prawn. Westlife gves me indigestion!

Otherwise a pleasing experience, and at £16 each including a mid-priced botle of red and a fullbelly, not grossly expensive either.

Give it a whirl.

The Bar (Wilbraham Road)

Pub food with a twist, very imaginative takes on new world food as well as brilliantly exectuted oldies like sausage and mash.

Can be a little hit and miss, most especially with portion control, my father left with not quite a full stomach however the food, from homemade soups to main courses are very tasty thanks to a talected chef and fresh produce.

Average prices.

Princess of Hearts (Manchester Rd)

Visited last year however it doesn't seem to have changed much since.

Standard indian fare and quite an extensive menu however like a lot of Manc Indian's there 's too much oil instead of ghee making the curry very heavy.

Didn't come away with a positive feeling, mostly due to the dreadful, rude service we received.

Standard prices for heavy food.

Everyone has the same experience with the Princess of Hearts - good food, dreadful attitude. They are so rude it makes my eyes water...

The Lounge (Wilbraham Road)

My favorite bar in Chorlton.

This has been mine & my friends' local now since the start of the year. It took a while to take off after it opened last year but don't they all in Chorlton?

We find it VERY chilled with a really friendly atmosphere.

Paul who runs it & his partner make you feel like you are actually in your own lounge! They even tell you to signal when you need more drink instead of going over to the bar.

The interior is cosy & modern and they have outside seating for the summer.

Prices are very reasonable (pint of Kronenbourg only £1.99) & they even serve drinks in chilled glasses!! I haven't eaten there yet but the menu looks tasty if not a bit limited. They usually have a drink on offer like Bucks Fizz, £3 a glass (and definitely more champagne than orange). I'm looking forward to that one being on again!!

Michaelangelos (Wilbraham Road)

Now called Vanzetti: same people? Dunno.

Favorite eating place!

Appears to be full of regulars so must be good.

The owner & (most) of the waiters are Italian which is pleasantly unusual these days! Very friendly and the owner is a bit of a character. Food is superb & the specials board is a real treat. In fact you may get some stick from the owner if you order standard pasta or pizza dishes!

The food is all freshly made & very reasonably priced. My recommendation would be the mussels or sticky ribs (heaven!).

They do a two for one offer (or something similar) Monday to Thursday too. Wine list is comprehensive & average prices. Interior is cosy (sometimes too cosy depending on how busy they are) and the open plan kitchen is nice to see.

New Mai Wah (Barlow Moor Road)

Second favorite eating place!

Recently changed name but not sure if ownership changed.

Really tasty standard chinese dishes & excellent prices. Special Dim Sum starter for 2 is superb! Average but large interior. Surprisingly never seems packed out. House wine at £8.50 a bottle is good standard too.

Thank you Susan Bell for the above three reviews...

The Lloyd’s Hotel (Wilbraham Road)

Reviewed by Greg

Just about the handsomest building in Chorlton should ideally be a bustling venue for a good cross-section of locals intent on music, booze and atmospheric hanging about. In other words, not Hardys. So local brewery J.W. Lees have gone back to square one at the Lloyd’s Hotel Mark 2, with a smart refurb in place and a new menu categorising Lloyds as an outlet for ‘Contemporary Food’ alongside Lees’ perennially successful Rain Bar. Don’t expect an experience much like Rain Bar though, a much scaled-down Metropolitan Didsbury is probably closer the mark (and a tad complimentary). Lloyds is, in the daytime at least, more eatery than pub, with clientele strictly segregated into a nearly-full smoking section and a spacious (grr) non-smoking section. The ghost of Hardy’s lingers with ‘No team colours’ and ‘No tracksuits’ signs spattered about the entrance, but the Bank Holiday lunchtime diners were mostly couples and small groups of friends and if they were wearing team colours they probably didn’t know it.

Food is ordered separately from a food desk, which is a bit of an irritant as you have to then wait again at the bar proper to get your drinks, but this is a minor whinge as there was no queue and the meals came promptly. As it’s a Lees outlet there’s not much on tap (though their bitter is cheap and nice) but there are bottled drinks and the coffee is good. Between us we had both kinds of Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger and the Lloyds Bangers and Mash. Of the former choose the Stilton variety (the salsa doesn’t taste of anything) but the beef in the burger itself is so tender and tasty it could cope with neither. The salad could do with a dressing and the "thin chips" (we call those ‘fries') were a bit undercooked, but tasty over all. The bangers in the Bangers and Mash are made to the Lloyds’ own recipe, but whoever cooked them had forgotten to prick them so bubbles of oil collected under the skin and flooded the plate when sliced, an oversight in an otherwise tasty sausage. The bubble and squeak mash and the onion gravy were both lush, though the whole thing got a little salty and sickly after a while. Across the board the quality never quite matched up to the quantities, so the whole thing felt a little over-priced. Outside of the sandwich menus vegetarians might struggle if they don’t eat fish, but there’s a Thai curry to fall back on instead of the usual lasagne.

An evening meal is probably required to get a decent measure of the place but whether we’ll be drinking there is doubtful and would pretty much depend on the sort of crowd it draws and whether one feels like drinking bottles all night. I wouldn’t rule it out as a venue for future hangover paninis if the vegetable smoothies at Battery Park prove too much of a moral judgement from time to time. I have a niggling feeling though that this won’t be the last refurbishment we see.