Left: From the railway bridge looking along Wilbraham Rd towards Barlow Moor Rd. The property between Albany Rd and Keppel Rd is still a terrace of large houses with front gardens.Their conversion into shops came later but a look at the scene today will show just how the conversion was carried out.

Right: Wilbraham Rd and Barlow Moor Rd crossing about 1890.The house behind the wall is recognisable as the bank of today and the shops on the left have not changed in appearance as far as Keppel Rd. The County Bank, now NatWest, was then on the corner of Albany Rd and the site which it was later to occupy was still a cottage.

All material is taken from 'Looking Back at Chorlton-cum-Hardy', by John Lloyd, courtesy of Willow Publishing, whose permission is gratefully acknowledged.

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