Top: St Clement's Procession of the Witness leaving the Green in 1938. Right up to the end of the Old Church the distinction between the adherents of each church was clearly marked.

Inset: Chorlton Prize Band was a traditional element in the procession as long as it could muster sufficient members. It is shown here in 1937 as it left the Green towards Hawthorn Rd.

Bottom left: Participants in a Chorlton Carnival of the mid-30s passing along Oswald Rd. Attempts to organise these events seemed usually to be centred in this part of Chorlton.

Bottom right: An important tradition in the sporting calendar was the holding of charity bowling tournaments on the greens of the Bowling Green and the Lloyd-Platt Hotels. This photograph shows contestants on the green at the Bowling Green but the date and the charity being supported is not recorded.

All material is taken from 'Looking Back at Chorlton-cum-Hardy', by John Lloyd, courtesy of Willow Publishing, whose permission is gratefully acknowledged.

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