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We're using Flickr

For those who don't know, is an online photo-sharing site. Newly-owned by Yahoo! (oh well), you can join free (uploads limited and you'll see ads) or get a Pro account that gives you 2gb of uploads a month!

Once photos are uploaded, you can give them descriptions, tags, different levels of privacy and organise them into sets. You can also join or start special interest groups.

We've started a special group just to display Chorlton Photos at

At the moment all photos in the group have been contributed by EllieJ, who's started to take photos of every Chorlton shop etc.

Look forward to seeing you there!

More Arts Trail Photos

Thanks to Deus for these; apologies for time taken...

Here we go...

Chorlton Ees Arts Trail - Day One, May 2005

A small selection of the photos from the opening of the Arts Festival's Arts Trail next to Brookburn School in the Ees.

Sorry about the horrid layout...had to get them out quick: my laptop gets sooo hot! Apologies for the non-descriptive alt tags also, for those who care.

Show me the photos, then...

EllieJ - Spring 2004

A small selection of photos taken in Chorlton Park.

Chorlton Arts Festival 2004

Photos from Chorlton Ees Sculpture Trail. Roughlly assembled...(The photos, not the sculptures.)

Beech Road Festival 2004

A few photos from the very best of festivals courtesty of Duncan.

Hough End Hall in the '40s

Only one, but it's fantastic. Thanks Cliff from British Columbia, Canada.